Should I need to choose either one--Umaru-chan or Israel?

New season of Umaru-chan has been announced to show. Meanwhile, I am considering taking part the IELTS English Test after a couple years in order to prove my English skills is good if I would like to study in Israel as Her Lectures of Universities teach in English rather than Hebrew. I have been studying Hebrew by myself for a half of years. And I would like to pause my studying because of this.

I had watched Umaru-Chan on the Internet before. I was just glanced a bit as I am prefer listening the songs rather than watching the Anime. Apart from this, I am so impressed that Umaru-chan with Hebrew subtitles translated by Anime fans in Israel. And This Anime causes me to end up not following Hayate the Combat Bulter. I was a follower of Hinagiku and I played as a fan of Ayumu. I am mentioned about the anime is full of sexual fantasy so I always imagined my own Hayate the anime and nearly become ‘Chunibiyo patients’. This is the same as Date a Live and Madoka Magica, I love Mami Tomoe’s soft toy and Yoshino’s soft toy, though I did not watch them, contain horror as the former one and sexual fantasy again as the latter one. I love Israel so much when I studied Hebrew language by myself. It has some benefits in understanding the country and the Bible. I love listening Israeli pop music too. Their lyrics are so different because many of the songs are talking about the L-rd. I like the music not just in the instrument. And the lyrics are meaningful as well.

I am 24 years old. For my prospect, is it necessary to choose either one?