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WARNING! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from the series. Caution is advised.

Umaru and Valentine's (うまるとバレンタイン, Umaru to Barentain) is the ninth episode of Himouto! Umaru-chan anime series.

Synopsis Edit

Kirie makes some cookies to give to Umaru, while Umaru and Taihei help Nana make some Valentine's chocolates, oblivious of who she wants to give them to. Later, Umaru and Sylphynford go to an anime shop together, bonding over their roles as little sisters who love anime. Afterwards, Taihei has to try and converse with Kirie while waiting for Umaru to come home, before trying to solve the mystery of who ate Umaru's pudding overnight.

Trivia Edit

• Umaru was referencing a mystery anime and game called Danganronpa by wearing her hamster hood with Monokuma's design when her brother Taihei was trying to solve Umaru's Pudding 'Incident'.

  • She also made an 'upupupu' laugh like Monokuma.

• Meanwhile, Taihei was imitating Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series.

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