Umaru and Now and Once Upon a Time is the tenth episode of the Himouto! Umaru-chan anime series. It was first broadcast on the 10th of September, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Umaru wakes up with a cold, and is instructed to stay home from school. However, she is outraged when Taihei has to go to work, leaving her home alone. She eventually gets better and plots revenge, but when Taihei catches the same cold the following day and is far sicker than she was, she is overcome with pity. She then tries to help Taihei get better.

Over the course of the episode, Umaru begins to realize how much Taihei sacrifices for her, such as spending ages making sophisticated lunches for her and generally trying to make sure she's happy.

When Umaru messes up the router needed for internet connection, she goes to a manga cafe with money she demanded from Taihei while throwing a tantrum, but decides to leave early to spend more time with him.

The final segment of the episode is a flashback to ten years in the past, when Taihei, Bomber and Kanau were at school together. Taihei, like Umaru, was an excellent student and the envy of everyone in his class. He wins a toy cat in a crane game, and gives it to Umaru when he gets home. Back in the present day, Taihei and Umaru are shown arguing over how many toys Umaru keeps winning at arcades, but the cat that Taihei won for her is still kept on a shelf.