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WARNING! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from the series. Caution is advised.

"Umaru and Friends" (うまると友達 Umaru to Tomodachi?) is the third episode of the Himouto! Umaru-chan R anime.


This episode begins Umaru and Kirie sleeping.

When Umaru buying a new game called "Chomp Chomp Watching". 1 week later Umaru cannot find a super rare items, Taihei asks about been playing 10 hours.

Umaru watching a commercial if she wants a burger. While Umaru, Kirie, Sylphin, and Ebina are going to restaurant.

Character AppearancesEdit


  • When Umaru is playing "Chomp Chomp Watching" (which is a parody of "Yo-kai Watch").