Takeshi Motoba is Taihei Doma's childhood friend and coworker. His nickname is "Bomber". He has a spiky black afro and in his youth at school and even now, Kanau pokes fun at his hair.



Unlike Taihei, Takeshi is laid back and lazy, similar to Umaru Doma. He likes to goof off at work, and mess around when out and about.


Takeshi has been friends with Taihei since at least high school, and followed each other to work in the same office. Takeshi has a little sister, who is also friends with Umaru, Kirie Motoba. His relationship with his sister is violent, with her becoming furious with him after upsetting her.


  • Takeshi said he would get rid of his afro for a hot girl. Umaru comments that he has a weak soul.
  • Takeshi thinks Taihei is harboring a secret, hot girlfriend in his apartment, that is until he actually meets his sister Umaru (but only in her "himouto" form). When Umaru meets him, she thinks that it is Taihei and that his hair exploded, so she tries to "fix it."
  • Takeshi Motoba was voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (Japan) and Jason Douglas (English)


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