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Miki Tachibana (橘美希 Tachibana Miki?) is shown as a very young Japanese house-wife wearing a kimono. Her real age is currently unknown.

Appearance Edit

She has a long very dark hair that has a long braid on the end.Her eyes are purple but when she gets excited her eyes turn into the same flower pattern as Sylphyn's eyes are. But her eyes have more floral patterns than Sylphyn's.

Personality Edit

She bears many similar features to Sylphynford Tachibana, like her energetic way of speaking and mannerism. She is also competitive like Sylphyn. She is very kind to Umaru's friends and Sylphyn.

Trivia Edit

  • Sylphyn's mother is very enthusiastic about kimonos and strict about how to wear them.
  • She sees Umaru as a beautiful person with great elegance, aura and numerical body values, which she refers to as Divine Proportions.
  • It is hinted Sylphyn's mother is older than she seems.