Nimensei! Ura Omote Life! (にめんせい☆ウラオモテライフ!?) is an opening theme of Himouto! Umaru-chan R.


TV VersionEdit


Get up in the morning (Yup! Yup!)
Wash my face (Yup! Yup!)
Each day that comes is so much fun
At studying, at sports, at friendship - Everything is perfect, but
Outside and inside is like
Night and day

Umaru! Umaru! Transforming completely - UMR!
Umaru! Umaru! Moving forward roundaboutly - UMR!
Umaru! Umaru! Lazing around, spacing out - UMR!

I can show my true form to no one
After all, the clever hawk hides its talons
Warning! Warning!

Laundry, cooking, homework, cleaning
That's such a pain!
(You do it, Big Brother)

There's not enough cola or potato chips!
Go to the convenience store and get more!!
(And a copy of JUMPU while you're at it)

Psych myself up, reach my peak (Yay! Yay!)
Here comes the finishing touch
Put on my hood (Yup!)
Flip that switch (One, two)
Let's get nuts!
(Let's party night! Yay!)

Play games (Yup! Yup!)
Stay up late (Yup! Yup!)
Keep it real, have as much fun as you can
A lazy, carefree, selfish life!!
Let's follow our instincts and let it all hang out!

Dependable (Yup! Yup!)
Kind (Yup! Yup!)
That's my brother, and he's the greatest (UMR! UMR! Uuuumaru!)
That's why... (Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup, yup!)
I always, always (Yay! Yay!)
Want to be together
I love manga and snacks and my brother

Outside and inside is like
Night and day (Yup! Yup!)