Kouichiro Ebina
Ebina Kouichiro
Occupation Cook
Gender Male
Relations Nana Ebina (sister)
Manga Chapter 98
Voice Actor/Actress

Kouichiro Ebina (Ebina Kouichiro) is the older brother of Nana in Himouto! Umaru-chan.


Was not shown within the anime (yet), only in the manga.


Being a Master Chef, he's always serious whenever he's working. He has a strict and serious personality, despite that he's easy to embarrass shown when Taihei complimented him as his face immediately turned red and steam started pouring out of his head with a workmate of him claiming him to be a Tsundere embarrassing him even more.

He's a passionate cook and even asked Taihei if he wanted to work in their restaurant, showing that he had respect towards those who knew how to cook and is good at it.


• Taihei and Kouichiro met during Taihei's business trip.

• He immediately deduced that Taihei works not for himself but for someone else the first time he saw him cooking.

• Ebina mentioned that Kouchiro left their home when she was only seven and had not seen him or spoke to him since then.



Character Art DesignsEdit



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