Kirie Motoba
本場 切絵
Motoba Kirie
Alternate Name Tsunthorn Girl (by Alex Tachibana)
Birthday 15 March
Age 16
Occupation High School Student
Gender Female
Hair Navy Blue
Eyes Dark Blue
Relations Takeshi Motoba (brother)

Kaede Motoba (Mother)

Manga Chapter 18
Anime Umaru and Her Student
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Haruka Shiraishi
English voice Jad Saxton

Kirie Motoba (本場 切絵, Motoba Kirie) is one of Umaru's classmates and friends in the Himouto! Umaru-chan series.


Kirie is a girl attending school with Umaru with long navy blue hair tied into a ponytail with a few strands poking out. She has dark purple eyes that matches her hair color. She wears her school uniform normally with her shirt tucked into her skirt and a red ribbon that matches her skirt. She also wears dark brown stockings with a pair of normal black school shoes.


Despite Kirie sometimes having a scary and creepy appearance, she is actually quite shy to the point that she can only talk to children. She is also sort of like the tsundere (a person that acts cold towards others but embarrassed and spoony towards people they have affection for) of the series with the example of Umaru and her being embarrassed when she is complimented or invited by her but cold towards Bomba and even hitting him with her wooden katana. She calls Umaru's indoor mode (Komaru) "Master/Mistress" and is in service to her. She appears to be quite affectionate and loving toward Umaru and 'Komaru', however, she is often volatile towards her brother Takeshi Motoba. Her special skill is "Concealing her presence"(It became a gag that looked like she was invisible)

Trivia Edit

  • Kirie has written a story book for children. The book's name is: Master and the mysterious fish.
  • Kirie's storybook author name is: Kirinrin.
  • Kirie has a ''Special ability'' to remove all trace of her existence becoming invisible
  • Kirie's height is less than 140cm
  • Kirie's lucky number is 3

Quotes Edit

•''Yes master!''

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