Hikari Kongo
Kongou Hikari
Age 16
Occupation High School Student
Gender Female
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Relations Manager Kanau (older sister)
Manga Chapter 108
Anime Umaru and Amusement Parks
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Inori Minase

Hikari Kongo (金剛ヒカリ Kongō Hikari?) is a top student in the gifted youth program. She is Kanau's younger sister, and she used to hang out with Taihei, going as far as calling him "Onii-chan".

Appearance Edit

Hikari has long white hair. She appears to have white eyelashes. She apparently has brown eyes. She usually wears her school's uniform of white with red and sleeves, due to her small physique, the sleeves extend further than her arms but nevertheless leaves them as they are. She wears diamond barrettes in her hair.

Personality Edit

When visiting the Doma residence, it's shown that she doesn't get along with Umaru as both fight for Taihei's attention, as a result Umaru and Hikari are not in good terms with each other. She appears to be shy and freezes sometimes. She loves bread. She finds Umaru's laziness very annoying.

Background Edit

Hikari lives alongside her sister in a large apartment, during her childhood, Taihei would occasionally visit them and taught Hikari whilst there, over time, she grew fond of him and would frequently think about him even when he no longer visited her.

While attending high school, her sister sent Alex to spy on the Taihei's apartment and bring back any information on the household[1]. With this knowledge, she visits the Domas on Tuesdays (which Umaru refers to as 'Bread Day') when Kanau works overtime[2].

Trivia Edit

  • She appears to know of Umaru's inner persona (Sometimes she lies, but its still the same thing.)
  • Hikari recognizes most constellations as she remembers Taihei teaching her.
  • In the manga, Hikari's character can be seen earlier when Alex was visiting Umaru in Chapter 75. The character looks more mature.

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