Umaru & Friend (うまると友達 Umaru to Tomodachi?) is the eighth chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.


Taihei is shocked to see that Umaru has invited her friend over.

Summary Edit

Taihei returns home from a hard day at work, fearfully expecting Umaru to boss him around. He's shocked to find her in outside form and with Ebina, and the whole room immaculate. He finds out that Ebina lives below the siblings. Taihei realizes that Ebina is the key to making Umaru act like a normal, civilized human being. After Ebina leaves, Umaru drinks her cola and her brother gives her takoyaki (dumpling) chips. Taihei, pleased with Umaru's behavior that night, goes to the bathroom to wash up, only to find that Umaru actually HID everything there, ANGERING HIM. Umaru complains that the chips he gave her were wasabi-flavored. While the siblings fight, Ebina atruggles to contain her MASSIVE crush on Taihei.