Umaru & Pets (うまるとペット Umaru to Petto?) is the sixth chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.


"In any place, Umaru will play without getting lost!"

Summary Edit

Umaru talks to her hamsters, Hamujiro and Hamusaburo. She plans to enter them in a video contest and win 1 million yen. She then states her real purpose is to teach them tricks, like making them move stuff around, or, by getting 100 hamsters if she wins, making them carry her to the bathroom. Taihei recalls the day she got the hamsters; 6 months ago at a department store, after desperately staring at the hamsters, she put on her outside face and excitedly demanded that he buy her one, but he refused, saying she'd eventually tire of them. Umaru pouted, then faked her tears, claiming that when he leaves, he tells her to stay home, causing people around them, who call Umaru an adorable girl, to complain about Taihei being a horrible person to his selfish, spoiled, manipulative sister.. Taihei easily caved in, and Umaru finally got her hamsters. Taihei then realizes that he's been caring for the hamsters all along, not Umaru, and as he begins yelling at her, he finds her sleeping with her hamsters lying on top of her. Umaru then spends the night watching pet videos on the internet. It is never revealed who won the contest.