Umaru & Going Out (うまるとおでかけ Umaru to Odekake?) is the fifth chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.


Taihei quits playing a game with Umaru to go buy groceries. Umaru, who believes that video games are more important than actual food, decides to tag along and make him feel guilty.

Summary Edit

Umaru and Taihei are playing "YOU DEAD", a zombie survival-horror video game, which he loses. Taihei goes grocery shopping, which Umaru protests because she wants him to play with her more. She goes with him and starts pouting so he'll feel bad. Taihei tells her to just go home and play her game, but she refuses. At the store, more people notice her, as she continues to shoot Taihei dirty looks. She then throws a HUGE amount of snacks into their cart, and as Taihei removes them from the cart, she continues to put MORE in the cart. He then gets her an ice cream cone (which she starts licking like a rodent), but as she begins to smile, the ice cream falls on the table. Umaru starts to cry, but then she resumes pouting. Later, as the siblings carry the groceries, Taihei remembers her compaining that the grocery bags are heavy. Taihei responds that it's because she wanted snacks and curry. Umaru says she'll forgive him if he spends all next Sunday playing games with her. In the present day, Taihei and Umaru resume playing the game, and he loses again.