"Umaru and Holiday"

"Let's research Umaru's BEHAVIOR at home.

Umaru at Home

<Imoutolia - Imouto Family>

Habitat: Yoshida Apartment

Feed: Snacks

Character: Lazy

Call: Onii-chan"

Summary Edit

On Sunday, Umaru realizes she stayed up all night playing online games. She drinks her "morning cola", and ponders what to do until her favorite morning anime air. She looks at Taihei sleeping peacefully, realizing how tiring work has been for him lately, and wakes him up -- VERY LOUDLY. Taihei looks at the time (5:15 am). Umaru wants him to play a game with her until the shows, but he tries to go back to sleep. Umaru then puts on her "outside face" in an attempt to get him to play with her, but she ends up sleeping, and so does Taihei. Later, Umaru yells at him for making her miss her shows.

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