Umaru and School (うまると学校 Umaru to Gakkō?) is the second chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.


"An unsocial sister? A beautiful sister? Which one do you like?"

Summary Edit

At Arayada High School, everyone notices Umaru, but not her friend Nana Ebina, who she walks with. Ebina, nervous, notices that everyone has their eyes on Umaru, but Umaru brushes that praise off. She tells Ebina to be confident in herself. Later, results for a test are handed out. Umaru and Sylphynford Tachibana receive the highest scores; Ebina fails. Then, at swimming class, Umaru makes it ahead of everyone else, including Ebina, who drowns because of her breasts. Umaru also plays the piano effortlessly. Finally, when she gets home, she shrinks and moves about frantically. When her brother returns, he looks at her excellent test scores and finds her laying on an exercise ball, reading Jumpu and acting dazed and chuckling. Taihei asks Umaru if she wants to aim higher, to which she responds if they're going out to an expensive sushi place.

"The truth is out there... with Onii-chan."