"A Day of Onii-chan"

Taihei tries to wake Umaru up so she can go to school (Umaru asks where her steak is, then goes back to sleep) while Ebina waits for her. Taihei and the girls part ways. At work, Alex's computer froze, and he asks Taihei to fix it; Taihei then sees that Alex has been looking at pics of sexy women. Later during lunch, Bomber asks Taihei if Umaru is cute. Taihei (after thinking about Umaru transforming to her true, chibi, demanding self) responds by saying, "Nope; just average". Bomber and Alex imagine Umaru with Taihei's look. At night, Taihei returns home to find Umaru drooling and sleeping on her Necolumbus pillow. Taihei breathes a sigh of relief and yells, "WAKE UP, UMARU!!!!!!!!!!!!", flipping the doll over and hurling Umaru on the ground. Umaru panics, thinking there's an earthquake, and Taihei tells her that they're going to dinner. Umaru asks why he's smiling, but he says otherwise. He asks Umaru what she wants for dinner, and she chooses between sushi or steak, prompting Taihei to ask if she's really going to eat them just after waking up.

"Happiness is hidden in scolding your own little sister."

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