Umaru & Dining Out (うまると外食 Umaru to Gaishoku?) is the the thirteenth chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.


Umaru's latest selfish scheme is to throw a tantrum in public (in her true, chibi form) so Taihei will buy her a new video game, but is forced to behave when he takes her and Ebina out to lunch.

Summary Edit

Umaru, reading a game magazine, demands that Taihei buys her "Last Fantasy XV", which has just come out, but Taihei refuses because he already bought her "Dragon Journey". As the siblings go out for groceries, Umaru plans to throw a tantrum in public so they'll turn against him and he'll be forced to buy her the game, but they run into Ebina instead. Taihei takes the girls out to eat in the hopes that Umaru will learn self-control, especially in front of her friends. As they begin to eat, Umaru tries various subliminal messages to make him buy the game, but to no avail. She then loses her temper, shrinks to her true chibi form, yelling "MUSHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!", and PUMMELS Taihei on his arms, calling him a "FOUR-EYED FOOL" for not getting her the game, until she realizes Ebina might have seen the whole thing. However, Ebina delightfully comments on the food, accidentally using her Akita accent. At the end of the day, Taihei somehow got forced into finally buying Umaru the game.