Umaru & the Arcade (うまるとゲーセン Umaru to Gēsen?) is the the twelveth chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.

Summary Edit

Umaru (as UMR) goes to the Plaza Gapcom game arcade. The staff notices her, because she has been an unbeatable gamer at the place for 6 months. They try to sabotage her attempts to get cat dolls from a crane, but she grabs 3 of them simultaneously. She then aims for an Angry Puffed Up Migu doll and succeeds. She then asks the staff to refill the crane machines, which they do. The staff attempts "Demon Mode" to prevent her from taking any more stuff, but their plan fails. At home, Umaru shows Taihei the dolls she got from the arcade that day. At night, Umaru sleeps with one of the dolls, while Taihei is annoyed that his side is filled with the dolls.