Umaru & the Fight (うまるとケンカ Umaru to Kenka?) is the the eleventh chapter of Himouto! Umaru-chan manga.

Summary Edit

Umaru bosses her brother around as usual, then calls his name because "she wanted to". Umaru then panics over losing a box Taihei threw away because she said she didn't need it. Umaru realizes that box had extra "Batsune Migu" face parts in it. Umaru guilt-trips her brother by berating him so much for losing the box, that he won't say anything to her, thus she'll be able to laze around. Afterwards, Umaru goes to sleep, while Taihei goes out looking for the box. When he comes home, Umaru, loudly and tearfully, asks where he's been. Taihei reveals that he, mistakenly, got her a kimono girl doll at a traditional doll store. The next day, Umaru forgives him for the whole thing, then calls his name because "she wanted to".