Alex Tachibana
Tachibana Arekkusu
Birthday December 24
Occupation System Support Worker
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Relations Sylphynford Tachibana(younger sister)

Miki Tachibana (mother)

Manga Chapter 7
Anime "Umaru and Her Rival"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese voice Tetsuya Kakihara
English voice Scott Gibbs

Alex Tachibana (橘・アレックス Tachibana Arekkusu?), is Taihei's co-worker and older brother of Sylphynford Tachibana in Himouto! Umaru-chan.


He has an average build. He wears a white shirt with a brown vest and a red tie, with a grey pair of trousers and brown shoes. 

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He enjoys playing video games. He also has interests in anime, that he was recruited as a bright talent, but secretly he seems to know the connection between Komaru and Umaru.


When he was in middle school he was a shut-in, but was influenced to change his lifestyle by an unknown Japanese individual (possibly Kanau)


Alex browses anime content on the work times, even asking Taihei to fix his computer when it crashes on anime websites.

Alex also gets the same eyes and smile as Sylphynford whenever he gets too excited.

In season 2, episode 8, it is revealed that he talks to Hikari about Umaru's indoor persona.